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el education kindergarten decodable readerMy most frequently asked question lately is “What are the hybrid decodable readers you mention in the scope and sequence? I’ve never heard of this and can’t find them!”

And you’re absolutely right! It never occurred to me to share where to find them because I genuinely thought that this was part of the materials districts were pushing out along with the curriculum. Well, it’s not. Oops!

Decodable Readers for Kindergarten

As you all know, the “official” readers don’t begin until Cycle 13 in the EL Education Curriculum for kindergarten.

That’s a long time to go without decodable readers–over half the school year. So, “hybrid” decodable readers were developed to bridge the gap.

They incorporate many of the cycle words and serve as a way to introduce students to concepts of print.

The hybrid decodable readers for kindergarten can be found here. Scroll down and on the right side, you’ll find a menu with an option to download. They are available for free use with your students for non-commercial purposes.

I am currently working on my own set of decodable readers for kindergarten, but until they are ready the link above will get you started!

I hope that helps some of you out and clears up any confusion! Happy teaching!

UPDATE: I now have a set of decodable readers for cycles 1-11 in my TPT store. You can read more about them below!

el education decodable readers

I have a set of EL Education decodable readers for kindergarten in my TPT store. These are for cycles 1-11, enough to get you through the awkward period in the curriculum where there are technically no decodables available. Complete the form below to get one cycle for free!

FREE EL-Aligned Decodable Readers

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    What’s Inside:

    11 Engaging Stories: This set features 11 carefully crafted decodable readers, each strategically designed to reinforce specific skills taught in EL Education Kindergarten Skills Block Cycles 1-11. These readers are not just stories; they’re perfect for letter hunts, fluency activities, high-frequency word practice, and more.

    Color and Black-and-White Versions: Options matter! Each reader comes in both vibrant color and printer-friendly black-and-white versions. It’s your choice – pick what suits your teaching style and printing preferences best.

    Perfect Alignment: No more guesswork! These decodable readers are meticulously aligned with EL Education Kindergarten Skills Block Cycles 1-11. Rest assured that they seamlessly integrate into your curriculum, providing targeted practice for your students.

    Elevate Reading Time: Whether used in small groups, independent reading sessions, or for take-home practice, this set of decodable readers promises to keep your students excited and motivated to explore new worlds through reading.

    Boosting Reading Success: With engaging content and targeted skill practice, these decodable readers are your secret weapon to boosting your students’ reading success. Watch them transform into confident readers as they navigate through these captivating stories.

    Student Pages: To enrich the reading experience, each decodable reader comes with a student page. Let your students take ownership of their learning journey by adding to their own book.

    el education hybrid decodable readers

    FREE EL-Aligned Decodable Readers

    Subscribe by email and I’ll send you one cycle of decodable readers for free!

      We won’t send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.

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