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I’m here to spill the beans on meal planning for teachers today – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the game-changing.

Remember those early teaching days? Long nights grading papers, surviving on fast food, and cobbling together weird snack combos? Yep, been there, done that. Turns out, meals and sleep are kinda essential.

When I first started teaching, I was unmarried and still lived alone. I’ve talked a little bit before about how I burned myself out quickly that first year, mainly because I was sleeping only a few hours a night putting every ounce of energy into my classroom, and barely eating or sleeping. If I ate dinner, it was either fast food or random snacks thrown together I had in my apartment.

At the end of that first year, I got married. My husband was still finishing school up and had some licensing tests to take so he did a lot of the cooking and cleaning that first year of marriage.

Cool, right? Except, we both started working full-time and suddenly the “what’s for dinner” question hit hard. We tried meal boxes, but they were pricy and created a mountain of waste. I loved the convenience of not having to worry about planning meals, but inevitably I’d miss the cut-off to choose my meals and end up with something we didn’t like. It just wasn’t something sustainable for us.

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Meal Planning for Teachers Or Pinterest Procrastination?

To try and offset some of the things on my plate, I tried to find systems to help manage it all. The crock pot and Instant Pot swooped in as our saviors. Convenient, yeah, but meal planning? It turned into a black hole of Pinterest procrastination. I kept a pretty steady rotation of meals going for a while, but it took me forever to plan the meals. Mainly because the process went something like this:

✅ Start out on Pinterest, searching for ideas for meal planning for teachers and any other ideas or recipes I could get my hands on – Good

❌ Scroll for a bit. Get distracted and start looking at things for my classroom. – Bad

❌ 3 hours later, I’d still have no meals planned. – Even Worse

Those crock pot and Instant Pot meals slowly morphed into eating out, like a lot.

I wish I could say I found some kind of magical solution pretty quickly, but that would be a lie. Life went into overdrive during those years. We bought a house, I finished my doctorate, we had our first baby, and we navigated COVID along with the sudden loss of my brother, all while working full-time. Meal planning? It waved goodbye.

Meal planning was something that fell by the wayside for us until I found eMeals. I’m not associated with them, I’m just sharing things that make meal planning for teachers easier.

I have used Walmart grocery pick-up for YEARS. My favorite thing to do to save time was to place my grocery order over the weekend and select the store that was right next to my school. Then, after school on Monday, I could just pull into the parking lot, get my groceries, and head home. But that still left the meal planning conundrum.

Enter eMeals – a solution I wasn’t so sure about at first.

I’d heard about eMeals before, but never really got the allure. I thought, “How silly to PAY for recipes when I can just print some out from Pinterest!”

One day while I was adding things to my Walmart pick-up order, I saw an eMeals ad that said they add everything to your cart for you. I was curious what that meant or how it even worked. So I singed up for a free trial and was super impressed. Like so impressed that I’m a lifelong convert at this point.

How does this simplify meal planning for teachers?

  1. No More Pinterest Scrollathons: eMeals does the thinking for you. No endless scrolling through Pinterest recipes, just curated menus.
  2. Zero Pressure Planning: No stress about meal deadlines. Pick your meals on your terms, reducing food waste and decision fatigue.
  3. Cart Magic: Once you pick your meals, you can click a button and it will add all the necessary ingredients for you. If you don’t like a particular brand they’ve chosen, it will give you suggestions on products to swap out. This feature has saved me HOURS each week because I’m not having to find recipes, then find the items, then figure out how much we need, rinse and repeat. It has also helped with our food waste because I’m only getting exactly what we need. If we do have things that go bad, I just pop them into the food cycler (affiliate link).
  4. Quick, Tasty Eats: The meals are SO easy. I made spinach ravioli last night and it was 20 minutes from start to finish. And it was SO good!

Ready to Dive Into the Ultimate Hack for Meal Planning for Teachers?

If you’re tired of dinner confusion and indecision, try eMeals. They offer a 14-day free trial, no strings attached. If you decide to stick around, you can use my referral link to get $15.

Teacher life is a whirlwind, but eMeals makes meal planning for teachers a breeze. No more kitchen chaos, just good food on the table. It’s not a classroom miracle, but it’s darn close!

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