[FREEBIE] 7 Ways to Supercharge Your EL Education Small Group Success: Essential Resources for Teachers and Interventionists

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el education small group resources

Are you ready to take your EL Education small groups to the next level? I’ve got an incredible array of resources just for you! Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a dedicated interventionist, this blog post is packed with game-changing strategies that will invigorate your EL Education small group sessions and create an enriching learning experience for your students. I know, it might not sound as glamorous as those Pinterest-perfect classroom setups, but trust me, it’s the backbone of effective instruction.

So, grab your favorite cup of coffee ☕ and let’s dive into this treasure trove of must-have tools and tips! 🎒💡

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Organizational Brilliance: A Three-Tier Cart or Rainbow Drawers

Say goodbye to planning chaos! Designate a dedicated three-tier cart or rainbow drawers (affiliate links) for your EL Education small group materials. This simple hack cuts down planning time, ensures easy access to resources, and gives you that cool teacher vibe! Check out my EL Education Small Group Kit for inspiration.

Embrace the Power of the EL Education Sequence: Decodables are Everything!

Follow the EL skills year at a glance sequence diligently, and you’ll witness remarkable progress in your students. Decodable books, passages, sentences, and words are the keys to unlocking the science of reading. Remember, always ensure your decodables align with your scope and sequence.

el education decodable readers

I have a set of EL Education decodable readers for kindergarten in my TPT store. These are for cycles 1-11, enough to get you through the awkward period in the curriculum where there are technically no decodables available. Complete the form below for a freebie!

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    What’s Inside:

    11 Engaging Stories: This set features 11 carefully crafted decodable readers, each strategically designed to reinforce specific skills taught in EL Education Kindergarten Skills Block Cycles 1-11. These readers are not just stories; they’re perfect for letter hunts, fluency activities, high-frequency word practice, and more.

    Color and Black-and-White Versions: Options matter! Each reader comes in both vibrant color and printer-friendly black-and-white versions. It’s your choice – pick what suits your teaching style and printing preferences best.

    Perfect Alignment: No more guesswork! These decodable readers are meticulously aligned with EL Education Kindergarten Skills Block Cycles 1-11. Rest assured that they seamlessly integrate into your curriculum, providing targeted practice for your students.

    Elevate Reading Time: Whether used in small groups, independent reading sessions, or for take-home practice, this set of decodable readers promises to keep your students excited and motivated to explore new worlds through reading.

    Boosting Reading Success: With engaging content and targeted skill practice, these decodable readers are your secret weapon to boosting your students’ reading success. Watch them transform into confident readers as they navigate through these captivating stories.

    Student Pages: To enrich the reading experience, each decodable reader comes with a student page. Let your students take ownership of their learning journey by adding to their own book.

    el education decodable readers

    Games: Engaging Practice with Added Fun!

    Incorporate games into your EL Education small group sessions, and watch the magic unfold! Using games as incentives boosts student engagement and accelerates learning. Check out the Candy Castle EL Education Fluency Game Bundle for a fun-filled approach to skill practice.

    el education small group fluency game

    Worksheets: A Surprising Game-Changer for EL Education Small Group Instruction

    Don’t dismiss worksheets! They can be incredibly beneficial for independent skill practice. Work alongside your students as they complete worksheets to provide personalized support. Remember, sometimes a simple worksheet can lead to heartwarming moments of pride and progress for your students!

    el education skills block worksheets

    Celebrate Special Days: Learning with a Twist

    Make learning extra special by incorporating holiday-themed resources into your EL Education small group activities. Finding skill-focused materials that tie in with special events adds flavor to your sessions and strengthens your bond with students.

    el education kindergarten sensory bin fall

    Crafts: Making Learning Memorable

    Sprinkle some fun into your EL Education small group instruction with quick, educational crafts. These delightful activities help solidify learning and create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. You’ll be amazed at how they enhance the overall group dynamics!

    Mini Posters: Point of Reference and Classroom Decor

    Print and laminate mini posters to serve as reference cards during your small group lessons. Use them to reinforce skills during teaching and then hang them in your classroom to celebrate students’ accomplishments. Save laminating pouches by printing four to a page and utilize binder rings for a versatile solution.

    el education alphabet chart kindergarten
    el education alphabet chart

    Congratulations! You’re now armed with an arsenal of resources to make your small group sessions with EL Education extraordinary. With these tools, you’ll create a captivating and enriching learning environment, ensuring your students flourish throughout the school year. Remember, the magic is in the details and the possibilities are endless!

    Let’s make this year one of growth, joy, and success! 🌈📚💪

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