Almost a Kindergarten Dropout: A Tale of Conquering Shoe Tying Scaries with Shoe Tying Practice Homework

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Obviously, the title of today’s post is a *bit* dramatic, but it is one of the funniest stories my mom likes to retell about my childhood (the other one being about a giant temper tantrum I once pitched at a theme park πŸ₯΄πŸ˜œ). I think it may help some of you that may have the “shoe tying scaries” in your own classroom, or anyone that wants to incorporate more shoe tying practice with their students.

My Shoe Tying Scaries Story

I was always a kid who loved school and usually picked up new skills quickly. I was the kid who played school well before I ever went to school, so it was no wonder that when I grew up I became a teacher.

In kindergarten, I learned how to count to 100 quickly (not the easy way as my teacher jokingly taught us one day during recess “1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100! but the actual, real, hard way), I knew my letters and sounds, and all the academic skills that make kindergarten, well, kindergarten. Until it came time to learn how to tie my shoes.

My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kim, was amazing, patient, and always so kind. One day, Mrs. Kim began showing us a bulletin board display that she was going to put up in the classroom.

We all took notice, mainly because it had these giant shoe coloring pages (probably just regular ol’ letter size, but my brain has always remembered them being huge like poster sized 🀣). There was one shoe coloring page for each student in the class. She explained that we were going to learn how to tie our shoes and once we mastered that, we would get to color our own shoe coloring page. After we colored it and cut it out, she would put it on the bulletin board for our Shoe Tying Club.

I have no idea why I was SO obsessed with that black-and-white shoe coloring page, but I was. That very first day, I vividly remember a few students quickly learning how to tie their shoes independently, but I was struggling.

I resolved that I would learn how to tie my shoe no matter how long it took.

In my kindergarten brain, it felt like it took an eternity. I was so frustrated with myself because I had not had the same struggle with learning any of the academic skills so far in kindergarten. But this truly stumped me.

Each day we would have practice time, and Mrs. Kim would patiently coach me. At home, I would practice for what seemed like forever but I never felt like I would master it.

One day, exasperated, I started trying to bargain and said to my teacher, “How about you let me color my shoe now, but you keep it and hang it on the board until after I know how to do this…” She chuckled and (very politely) declined my offer.

Shoe Tying Practice in a Snap

I’m proud to say that with lots and lots of practice, I did eventually learn how to tie my shoes. Now, no longer a kindergartener, but a 30-something mama to 2, I know our shoe tying days are right around the corner.

But, I’m not stressed because years ago, I had a kindergarten class where most of them did not know how to tie their shoes either. Usually, I’d get 2-3 a year that knew once school started, how but that particular year I’m pretty sure none of them did. Any kindergarten teacher knows the terror of wet shoe laces, and that terror only multiples with the amount of students.

That year, the idea for shoe tying practice homework was born largely after remembering my experiences learning how to tie my own shoes. Coincidentally, this shoe tying practice homework was my first TPT product I uploaded EVER over 7 years ago as of this writing. It’s also recently gotten a huge facelift, so I wanted to share for those of you that also have the “shoe tying scaries” in your classroom.

shoe tying practice homework

New and Improved Shoe Tying Practice

Say farewell to the woes of shoe tying with the Shoe Tying Practice Homework Log! 🌟 This specially crafted resource is designed to make shoe tying practice a breeze, providing a perfect blend of playfulness and skill development for your littles. Dive into the world of hassle-free, developmentally appropriate homework.

Why Your Kiddos Will Be Smitten:

1. Playful Practice: This homework log transforms shoe tying practice into a delightful game, enhancing fine motor skills along the way. Little ones will dive into these homework logs, showcasing their newfound skills with a visual tracker and acquiring a valuable life skill in the process.

2. Flexible Schedule: Whether it’s a 4-day or 5-day week, I’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to weekend struggles with wet shoelaces – let the learning unfold organically during the week. Perfect for ensuring the shoe tying practice adventure is stress-free and enjoyable.

3. No Prep, Developmentally Appropriate Homework: Download, print, and embark on the shoe tying challenge with ease. It’s a tech-free adventure that makes learning at home easy peasy.

Exciting Updates: But that’s not all! With newly updated fonts, clipart, AND a certificate to present your students with once they master shoe tying, this is sure to be a hit with your students! The certificate comes in both color and black and white, adding an extra touch of celebration to their accomplishments.

Ready to make learning fun and functional? Download the Shoe Tying Practice Homework Log now and let the happy tying begin! ✨

shoe tying homework
shoe tying challenge

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Happy shopping (and shoe tying)! πŸŒˆπŸ‘Ÿβœ¨

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