[FREEBIE] EL Education Kindergarten Center Activities for October

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Confession Time

One of the biggest adjustments I had when transitioning to the EL Education Curriculum was not having monthly themed centers. I know that sounds borderline ridiculous and even maybe superficial, but there is something so fun and magical about having themes each month, especially in kindergarten!

Looking for Something that Didn’t Exist

I know I could’ve reworked what I already had and aligned the EL Education Kindergarten skills to my existing center resources each month, which I actually started to do. After working through a few cycles, I realized what a big undertaking it would be, plus I would need to add in more themed materials each month for it to feel cohesive. At a certain point, I decided I wanted to buy something already aligned that was themed, but I could never find anything. Why? Because it didn’t exist!  So, I set out to make my own.


What You’re Getting

The October EL Education Kindergarten Center Bundle offers multiple activities (over 125 pages!) to keep your students engaged all month long. This resource includes:

Sensory Bin Activities

I’ve talked about these before here, but this sensory bin set might be one of my most favorite things ever! I find that the sensory bin keeps my kids so engaged in their learning and it’s so fun to come up with new themes!

The sensory bin activities focus on skills for the first half of the kindergarten year. I tried to hone in on where I thought everyone would be at this point in the year, but also tried to keep it somewhat general since pacing varies so much from district to district, school to school, and even from classroom to classroom.

el education kindergarten sensory binel education kindergarten sensory bin


These also focus on skills for the first half of the kindergarten year and include multiple types of activities.




Roll & Write and Roll & Cover Game Boards

These game boards include high frequency words for kindergarten cycles 1-25, so they would be perfect for those kiddos who are needing a little bit more of a challenge at this point in the year. (Plus, these games are so cute to use with mini erasers for some extra seasonal fun!)



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