7 Dramatic Play Centers for Holidays Around the World Theme Activities


Are you looking to incorporate holidays around the world theme into your classroom activities this year? Ready to help your students explore various holiday traditions and customs from around the world? What better way than through a dramatic play set!?

holidays around the world centers

Holidays Around the World Literacy Centers

Centered around some of the major holidays in the fall, winter, and spring, I have 7 holidays around the world theme dramatic play centers perfect to incorporate into your literacy centers, including:

You and your students will love exploring these holidays around the world through a literacy center set. Each holiday resource has everything you need to keep your preK-Kindergarten students engaged and learning–colorful and simple holidays around the world theme vocabulary cards and pictures, write/draw response pages, holiday-specific activities to practice, etc.

holidays around the world centers

Each set includes:

  • signs
  • posters
  • word cards
  • labels
  • response pages
  • a pennant banner
  • resources included in color as well as black and white

Something for Everyone!

holidays around the world center

The components included with each of the 7 holidays around the world theme dramatic play centers are flexible enough to use with your entire class or as a small group activity during centers. As you share and explore a holiday, these dramatic play centers will invite students to practice new words and show understanding. This means built in assessments–hooray!

As you work through your holiday(s) of choice, your students will become familiar with the explorations, gaining confidence and knowledge along the way. This repetition will also help you confidently deliver learning opportunities for your students.  Laminating the signs, posters, word cards, labels, etc. will allow you to use these components year after year.  When the time comes, simply pull out the corresponding materials, print the accompanying response pages, and everything is good to go!

holidays around the world theme

In my experience, parents and students love to share their personal customs and traditions related to these holidays as well.  I love how each holiday can open up new and beautiful cultural conversations in your classroom community. I invite you to use these dramatic play centers as another link between school and home. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how much can be shared and appreciated!

Whether it’s time for Chinese New Year or Kwanzaa, you and your students will be set to learn and explore together. No more scrambling to find worksheets or activities that briefly mention the holiday of the week or month. Enjoy using these resources as you confidently deliver culturally-appropriate, age-specific, holiday-related instruction to your little ones this year and for years to come!

You can also grab all 7 in the bundle here! Let us know how much fun your little learners have with these holidays around the world theme dramatic play centers by commenting below!

Want the matching bulletin board kit? Grab that here!

holidays around the world bulletin board decorations

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