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Are you facing the struggle of keeping your students engaged during EL Education AIR time or independent reading time?

I understand the challenge, and that’s why I’m thrilled to introduce the solution – EL Made Easy™ EL Education Independent Reading Response Pages for AIR! Get ready to see your students’ enthusiasm soar as they dive into their reading adventures with these captivating activities!

Unlock a World of EL Education Independent Reading Magic

I struggled so much to find aesthetically pleasing, high-quality, engaging EL-aligned activities on TPT, which is why I began creating my own resources. It still can be so challenging to find student-friendly, modern, and innovative resources for EL on TPT, or anywhere really.

Like most of my resources, this was born from me looking for something that didn’t exist yet and then deciding to make it myself.

Avoid “Packet Trap” and Say Hello to Interactive, Fun Learning

Independent reading time was one of the most difficult centers for me to plan for, mainly because I wanted something that I could use for every learner in my class and that was not cycle-dependent.

I also did not want to hand my students a packet of boring worksheets with the same low-level skills repeated over and over ad nauseam (possibly an unpopular opinion, but the word “packet” makes me die a little inside, a la Chrissy Teigan👇👇 ).

el education independent reading

I wanted resources that would require open-ended answers and a deeper understanding of the content than just a simple cut, paste, color activity would. I’m not knocking skill worksheets as a whole–there is definitely a place for them in the classroom.

However, I think relying on “packets” exclusively for center rotations leads to boredom and eventual behavior issues because they are very often not developmentally appropriate. Packets frequently have students sitting for extended periods with little opportunity for collaboration, movement, cross-curricular skill building, etc. while completing page after page of low-level activities. (When I say packets, I’m referring to a bundle of worksheets students are given and must complete in a specific time frame. These activities are usually not very rigorous and are often busywork, with no real meaningful skill practice.)

I believe there are ways to make the existing EL Education curriculum developmentally appropriate, but packets are not for me personally.

Differentiation for Every EL Education Independent Reader

So, how do we beat “packet trap” during AIR Time?

My EL Education Independent Reading Response Pages for AIR Time offers over 80 pages of engaging, interactive, open ended activities tailored specifically for K-2 learners. Whether your students are exploring magical worlds in fiction or delving into fascinating facts in non-fiction, these pages are designed to captivate their imagination and elevate their reading skills, while also allowing you to easily differentiate between the work your learners need.

el education independent reading

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches. These reading response pages are carefully crafted to cater to different learning styles, ensuring that every student finds something they adore. From creative prompts to thought-provoking questions, there’s a delightful variety that will have your students eager to embark on their reading adventures.

el education independent reading

Make Your EL Education Independent Reading Center the Talk of the Classroom

el education independent reading
el education independent reading

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your independent reading centers! Grab your set of EL Made Easy™ EL Education Independent Reading Response Pages now and watch as your K-2 students fall head over heels in love with reading all over again. These can be used alongside any text, and are the perfect way to encourage students to reflect on their reading during EL Education AIR Time.

These pages are also part of my EL Made Easy™ membership offerings, but can seamlessly enhance any curriculum or center rotation setup.

Make sure to watch the video preview below to see a glimpse of what’s inside this resource! Don’t forget to grab your freebie below either!

You can also save 10% off by using code CKWELCOME10 in my website store and get the exact same resources!

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