3 Ways to Make Your EL Education Small Group Centers Run Themselves

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As teachers, we know that routine is everything! Students succeed when they are aware of the routine and tuned into how everything within the routine functions. That’s where my EL Education Skills Block and Small Group Rotation Slides come into play. If you prefer a non-digital option, there’s also the Rotation Board Display for bulletin boards or white boards. All three are designed to be used with kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade.

As you establish routines for your EL Education small group rotations for skills block, you and your students will love having a visual aid available to reference. These colorful and vibrant resources are designed to help you be as organized as possible and your students keenly following along as well. I am always amazed how even the littlest of learners are able to embrace and rely on these visuals to help everything run smoothly!

These displays have two primary functions:

  1. To organize your EL Education small group skills block rotations
  2. To display (or communicate) which group is doing which activity, when, and for how long

The EL Education Skills Block Rotation Slides include:

  • multiple design options
  • charts for 3-5 groups and 3-5 rotations
  • Moveable icons for center rotations (AIR/independent reading, word work, writing, reading with a buddy, work with the teacher, technology, fluency)
  • 4 timers (10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes)

You can check out a video of it in action below:

The Small Group Rotation Slides include:

  • everything listed above
  • editable headers that you can customize for your needs

The Rotation Board Display includes:

  • multiple pennant options
  • center labels
  • student name labels
  • labels for student photos
el education bulletin board

If you need help organizing the rest of your EL materials, check out this post with 7 steps on how I organize everything.

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