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It's Time to Build Sentences!

Time for students to put on their hard hats and get busy building—sentences, that is!  My EL Education Sight Word Sentence Builders resource is the perfect fun and hands-on activity for your students to practice a variety of ELA skills.

This best-selling activity consists of a set of worksheets aligned with the high frequency words from the EL Education Skills Block Curriculum. The Kindergarten and 1st Grade versions both include words to cut and paste, blanks to write in the words, and a box to illustrate. The 1st Grade version includes statement and question sentences. Each page focuses on one high frequency word.

The High Frequency Word Sentence Builders resource allows students to think critically as they form sentences and practice reading and writing high frequency words. As they cut, physically construct the sentences, paste, write the sentence, then illustrate, students will demonstrate understanding and build meaning through hands-on, active practice.

el education sight words

This resource easily allows students to work on different words as they develop their high frequency word knowledge bank. Even better, this resource is perfect for…

  • Reading, writing, and fine-motor practice
  • Students who love to draw and write
  • Using as a whole class activity
  • Using as an independent practice activity
  • Using as a standalone resource or even pairing with other curriculum
  • Homework practice
  • Early-finisher work
  • Encouraging partner talk
el education high frequency words

Your students will love the routine of these worksheets as they master new and more challenging words. You will love being able to quickly assess students’ grasp of each high frequency word. At a glance, you will be able to tell if your students’ sentences make sense and whether or not their illustrations demonstrate full understanding as well. Did I mention you will also be able to quickly assess how your students transfer spelling skills as they write and their letter shape, size, and formation as well? So much valuable information from one FUN activity—hooray!

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Let us know how much fun your little builders have constructing sentences with this High Frequency Word Sentence Builders resource by commenting below!

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