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Today we’re breaking down the EL Education Module lessons today to ease the anxiety and overwhelm.

If you’re new here, you probably found me because your district has made the switch to EL Educationand you’re overwhelmed. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

You’re searching for something to make it a little easier and a little more manageable.  Sound familiar?

I know that feeling exactly.

el education module

Before Cowie’s Kinders was ever in existence, I always enjoyed creating resources for myself and other teacher friends to make our lives easier. That is exactly how these lessons were born.

I think we’ve all been there at some point in our journey with the EL Education curriculum, particularly the EL Education module lessons. They’re often cumbersome, details are scattered throughout, materials are difficult to find, and you’re never truly sure if you’re teaching it correctly.

Sound familiar? If that’s you, keep reading, and I’m going to show you how to make the EL Education module lessons your own so that when it’s time for your literacy block, you’re excited again instead of a nervous wreck.

Making Sense of EL Education Module Lessons

1. Notes, Notes, Notes, and more notes

Whether you are DIY-ing or purchasing my lesson slide decks, notes are going to be your lifesaver.

I know what you’re thinking–“I already have teacher notes, Erin! I have a million books, plus web resources, for this curriculum and I don’t even know where to start.”

First, take a breath. It’s going to be ok, I promise! Whether you’re teaching EL Education in kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade, all of my slides have easy to read, teacher-friendly notes at the bottom

The notes in my EL Education module lesson slide decks are simplified and to the point. I’ve taken out all the extra commentary and jargon and brought it back to basics. These not only help you clarify any misconceptions for yourself, but they are amazing to have year-to-year to look back on–whether to jog your memory about a difficult concept or a way you were able to transform a lesson into an “A-HA!” moment for your students.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at a sample slide below:

el education module

The teacher notes on my EL Education module slides tell you what to do and when to do it. So, from the outside, there may be a few lessons where the slides look similar, but within the notes and instructions are very different depending on what the lesson is requiring students to do.

There are some EL Education module slides on TPT that offer teacher prompts on the slide. I personally find that to be very visually distracting and prefer to offer my students a distraction free slide to look at to keep their focus on the material.

2. Update Graphics? Check!

All of my products, including the EL Education module slide decks, feature inclusive, kid-friendly, updated graphics.

The curriculum leaves a lot to be desired as far as pictures, and if you’re anything like me, high-quality resources that are also pretty are a must! I had a very tricky time finding anything on TPT or elsewhere that I felt matched the vision in my head as far as the design elements, which is why I made them myself!

el education module

3. Teacher Tools Included

I’ve embedded teacher tools to make your life easier.

If an EL Education module lesson calls for a specific worksheet, I have included the worksheet for you with each lesson as an added bonus.

If an EL Education module lesson requires a specific picture sort, it’s there!

I have included the materials necessary to teach the lesson in each of my EL Education module slide decks–no more, no less. I find that teachers are already very overwhelmed by the content, and adding in every single extra resource adds to that more often than helps. Because of that, I have included just exactly what you need to teach theses EL Education module lessons.

The independent activities and supplemental resources in the the EL Education module lesson bundles are quite simple and straight forward. This is on purpose. The goal was a clean aesthetic without over whelming little eyes and brains with unnessecary visual clutter.

el education module

4. Materials Slides

Each lesson in the EL Education module bundles comes with an easy to read materials slide.

I remember teaching those first few lessons and being so confused. I’d think I had everything I needed and would be cruising right along thinking “Ok, see it’s not so hard!”

Then, BAM!

It would say something like “Wear the purple  polkadot princess tiara you made in lesson 3 (23423 lessons ago, mind you) when you explore the trees outside of your school.”

Ok, so that’s totally not a real thing, but if you’ve read any bit of the EL lessons, you know it’s not that far off from the truth! 😉

el education module

5. Labeled Word Wall Cards

I’ve included kid-friendly word wall cards that are labeled with the module, unit, and lesson.

No more having to make your own, piecing them together from other resources, or hunting some down only to find that the images are less than ideal. You know exactly where they are and when you need to use them!

Plus if they get mixed up, you can easily figure out where they belong without having to do any hunting.

el education module

6. Choices to Fit Your Needs and Budget

I sell these as individual lessons, unit, module, and year long bundles so that you can customize exactly what you need, when you need it.

That way if you try a lesson, and it just doesn’t work for you or your kiddos, you haven’t committed to the full year, module, or even unit.

I genuinely want my products to make your life easier so that you can spend your time on other things and not stressing out about learning a new curriculum.

I’ve been on the other side of things too– I spent my own money on teaching resources that were disappointing or not what I thought they’d be and then couldn’t use them.

With something that is such a big investment, I want you to be confident in knowing what you are purchasing from my store is a good fit for your classroom.

7. Activity Choice Galore

If you discover that my products are the right for you, I offer multiple center options, worksheets, and games that will enhance your students’ learning while also keeping your admin happy.

I get it, you’re a teacher in a world full of people who don’t know what it’s like to teach. These supplementary activities are my way of trying to bridge the gap between providing my students with developmentally appropriate activities and still following the mandated curriculum.

Believe me, I’ve been where you are. You know how to teach, but now you feel like you’re being asked to teach a language you don’t even speak yourself.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

These lessons are meant for teachers who are new to the EL Education module lessons, who are needing that extra boost to help them throughout the year without spending hours and hours each night after teaching a full day planning tomorrow’s lessons. If that is you, make sure you sign up for some freebies below and check out my store!

Check out my EL Education module lessons for K-2 below!

👉 Kindergarten EL Education Module Lesson Slide Decks

👉 1st Grade EL Education Module Lesson Slide Decks

👉 2nd Grade EL Education Module Lesson Slide Decks

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Watch a Sneak Peak of a 1st Grade EL Education Module Lesson!

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