[FREEBIE] 31 Engaging EL Education Fluency Practice Brain Breaks

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Are you on the lookout for brain breaks that are not just fun but also align perfectly with EL Education Skills Block, require no prep, and can easily double as an EL Education fluency center?

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, it’s time to turn that dream into a reality with Exercise with EL – the latest addition to the EL Made Easyβ„’ family, designed to take student engagement to new heights while infusing loads of excitement into learning!

el education fluency center

EL Education Fluency Practice for the Whole Year!

Exercise with EL is not your typical resource; it’s a goldmine featuring 31 (!!!) PowerPoint presentations, with Google Slides versions for each included to make this the perfect EL Education brain break. This incredible bundle is designed to simplify your teaching life while ensuring your students have a blast learning. The best part? It’s not just about engagement; these resources offer flexibility in word and skill order, aligning seamlessly with the EL Education curriculum.

el education fluency practice

Each PowerPoint is tailor-made to help your students ace those crucial EL Skills Block concepts while simultaneously allowing them to burn off that extra energy. It covers everything from letters, sounds, high-frequency words, and cycle words from all cycles throughout the entire school year. That means you’re armed and ready to go, maximizing every bit of your instructional time!

el education fluency center
el education fluency brain break

But wait, there’s more to Exercise with EL than meets the eye! This isn’t just about screen time; it’s about getting those little bodies moving while they learn. πŸ’ͺ The exercises embedded in each presentation ensure that your students are actively engaged, making learning an interactive experience.

el education fluency game

Maximize Your Instructional Time

I’ve witnessed firsthand how my students absolutely loved these activities. They became a saving grace during those in-between moments, like the short window between lunch and recess. Too short for a full lesson, yet too long for a simple bathroom or water break. If you find yourself in similar situations or just need a quick wiggle break, these resources are your go-to solution!

el education fluency brain break

Easy Peasy EL Education Fluency Center Prep

Let’s talk about efficiency – who doesn’t love saving time and energy? With Exercise with EL, you can effortlessly transform these slides into the perfect EL Education fluency center. Simply minimize pages, cut them up like task cards, and voila! You’ve got a focused skill practice that combines learning and movement in one go!

Here’s a tip: put these resources on a binder ring (affiliate link) for easy access. I found this incredibly handy during bathroom or water breaks; I could engage a small group while others wrapped up their break time.​

Exercise with EL isn’t just another tool in your teaching toolbox; it’s a game-changer. It’s about infusing that spark of excitement into learning, ensuring that your students not only grasp their skills content but also thoroughly enjoy the process of an aligned EL Education brain break.

el education fluency center

Download Your EL Education Fluency Center Freebie Today!

So, let’s revitalize your classroom with Exercise with EL – where energy, movement, and loads of learning fun collide! πŸš€βœ¨ As a thank you for being part of this community, I’ve got an exclusive freebie just for you. Click the button below to download the Exercise with EL slide deck for sound practice and get a taste of the magic that awaits in the full bundle!

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