[FREEBIE] Candy Castle: The Last EL Education Skills Block Fluency Center Game You’ll Ever Need


Do you need fun, engaging EL Education fluency resources?

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If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to liven up your EL Education small group or center rotations–look no further! As a twist on a classic board game, Candle Castle is one activity that your students are sure to request time and again.

Candy Castle is the perfect interactive center activity that gets your kiddos practicing EL Education cycle and high-frequency words. Embedded in the game are opportunities for both reading and writing!

As students work with partners or in small groups, they will also practice speaking and listening skills. Students will strengthen recognition and fluency skills as they identify picture cards and review words from previous cycles.

EL Education Centers for the ENTIRE YEAR

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My bundles for Kindergarten and 1st Grade include all 25 cycles, which means you have engaging skills block centers for students to practice cycle and sight words for the entire year. These comprehensive bundles also include:

  • 2 game boards of various sizes
  • recording page for students to write the words
  • 20+ inclusive game pieces for students to choose from
  • cycle word cards
  • cycle picture cards
  • high-frequency word cards
  • word cards from previous cycles for review
  • directions page
el education kindergarten skills block

Play-Based Learning for the EL Education Curriculum

While it is aligned with the EL Education Skills Block, Candy Castle can also be used as a standalone product or as a supplement to other curricula. My 3-year-old even loves to play the “candy game,” which is what we call it at our house!

Candy Castle will allow your students to progress over time while still enjoying the routine of an exciting and familiar game. This means students will have the perfect context of play-based learning to both practice new skills and gain self-assurance along the way. As the content becomes more challenging, your students’ confidence and understanding will also grow. All this without having to continuously teach new games/routines—a major teacher-win in my book!

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Not ready to commit to a whole-year bundle? 

[FREEBIE] Candy Castle Fluency Game Download!

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