Exclusive Peek Inside: 6 EL Education Skills Block Centers for August VIP Members


I’m so excited to be able to share what was inside the August VIP Boxes for Cowie Club members! These went out in July so that teachers had enough time to get familiar with the materials before school started. All of these materials were in addition to the module and skills block lesson slides, the bonus library resources, and the extra special back-to-school goodies like Mr. Sketch Markers, number cubes, etc.

1. EL Education Skills Block Center Implementation Guide

This contains 2-week’s worth of lesson plans explaining step-by-step how to set up your skills block centers. These also included worksheets for extra independent practice.

el education skills block
el education membership
el education word work

2. Accountable Independent Reading (AIR)

Members received 55 pages of fiction reading responses differentiated for K-2.

el education centers

3. Fluency for EL Education Skills Block

First-grade teachers received Fluency Funnies, where students draw 2 cards and read a sentence in a specific type of voice. They also received HFW roll and write of kindergarten review. Kindergarten teachers received poetry journals for letter practice.

4. Word Work for EL Education Skills Block

Both grades received separate versions of 2 games–Rhyme a Lot Bot and Memory.

el education centers

5. Writing for EL Education Skills Block

Grade-level specific writing prompts including Module themes and non-Module themes, as well as letter formation pages for K.

el education writing center

6. Early Finishers/Supplemental Center Materials for EL Education Skills Block

School Supply Sight Word Board Game with HFW for each grade level

el education membership

As of now, the digital versions of these are not available in my TPT store, but we plan to get them uploaded soon in case you are not a member yet!

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  1. Erin, I am a little confused, please help!
    I purchased a regular membership, and then a couple of days later decided to sign up for the full vip membership. Is it possible to get everything from the August package? I was told that VIP for me starts September.
    Because this is my first year in EL I would really like all the resources to begin the year with. We start Sept.5th! Thank you for creating all these amazing resources!

    1. Hi! August boxes were shipped out in July to give teachers time to plan. We currently don't ship out past boxes, but may offer the option in the future to purchase single month options. You do have access to the digital versions of all of these materials in your membership portal though! If you joined by the September shipping cut off date, then you will receive a tracking notification the first week of September and should receive your box usually the following week. We prep a month a head of time, so your September box will have October/fall seasonal materials in it so that you have time to best plan for your classroom/students.
      Thanks so much!!

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